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Apart from medical and nursing care, you will benefit from the services provided by additional network employees in charge of making your hospital stay as pleasant as possible.
UMC INTERNATIONAL possesses a special service for international patients. This service facilitates the access to medical consultations, to state-of-the-art diagnostic methods as well as to additional opinions in case of highly complicated diseases. The service for international patients coordinates the medical and personal assistance before arrival, during stay and, if necessary, also after discharge from hospital.

• Personal bilingual services (German as well as English, Russian, Arabic, Spanish,
• German/English speaking medical specialists
• Scheduling appointments with the physician and / or the diagnosis clinic
• Bed reservation in case of hospitalisation
• If necessary, coordination of ambulance transport via airplane or other means
• Assistance, support and coordination for the patient
• Room reservation in a hotel in immediate vicinity of the hospital (with special prices
for patients and the persons accompanying them)
• Delivery and examination of estimation costs for medical fees and / or outpatient
and clinical services
• Limousine service with reliable personnel
• Security and bodyguard services, if necessary